Headshot photo of Dr. Akshay Chaudhari, Assistant Professor of Radiology at Stanford University.
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Akshay Chaudhari is an Assistant Professor of research in the Integrative Biomedical Imaging Informatics at Stanford (IBIIS) section in the Department of Radiology. His primary research interests lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence and medical imaging. Dr. Chaudhari graduated from UCSD with a B.S. in Bioengineering in 2012. He completed his Ph.D. from Stanford University’s Department of Bioengineering in 2017, focusing on novel MRI methods for musculoskeletal imaging; supported through the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, the Whitaker Fellowship, and the Siebel Fellowship. Dr. Chaudhari trained as a postdoctoral fellow in Radiology at Stanford University, where he combined machine learning with medical imaging acquisition and analysis. Dr. Chaudhari has won many awards, including the W.S. Moore Young Investigator Award, the Junior Fellow Award, and an Outstanding Teacher Award from the ISMRM. He has 6 additional young investigator awards for his work on advanced medical imaging acquisition and analysis techniques. Dr. Chaudhari is the Associate Director of Research and Education at the Stanford AIMI Center and is an internal advisory board member of the Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center.