2022 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant

Home Department: Undeclared
Mentor: Gary Darmstadt (Pediatrics - Neonatal & Developmental Medicine)

“Variation in the Rates of Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor Utilization during Forensic Examination in California”

Using 2019 data from California’s Department of Justice and Office of Emergency Services as well as the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program, Alice will compare attendance of sexual assault crisis hospital counselors with post-assault forensic evidence collection kits per county in California. In the case of unavailable or incomplete data due to inter-agency discrepancies, she will perform simple modeling analyses to determine variation in counselor implementation and gain insights into interventions to promote their increased usage. Utilizing quantitative evidence, she will also address these inconsistencies as part of a larger accountability effort to illuminate ongoing issues with data accuracy and transparency.