Headshot portrait of Alisha Birk - Bio-X Undergraduate Fellow
2017 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant

Home Department: Bioengineering
Supported by: Anonymous Donor
Mentor: Sharon Pitteri, Radiology

Alisha is investigating small molecule drugs that are potent against breast cancer cell lines using quantitative proteomics technology. She will compare treated and untreated cells to identify which proteins have altered levels in the treated cells. The experiment is being conducted to gain a deeper understanding of what proteins and pathways these drugs are targeting, in order to design more potent analogs that will ultimately be more successful in killing breast cancer cells.

Poster presented at the Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Symposium on August 24, 2017:

Elucidating the Biological Targets and Pathways of Novel Drugs in Breast Cancer

Alisha Birk1, Catherine Going1, Vineet Kumar2, Sanjay Malhotra2, Sharon Pitteri1
[Departments of Radiology1 and Radiation Oncology2, Stanford University]