Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Arbabian's work covers circuit/system design in three general areas of 1) mm-Wave and THz, 2) Biomedical, and 3) Ultra-Low Power Electronic sensors.

In the high-frequency domain, his team design systems that handle information flow. On one end this focuses on the development of sensors and devices that enable next-generation interfaces (e.g., radar system design for human-computer interfaces). On the other end, they work one next-generation extremely high-throughput wireless and wireline “pipelines” that facilitate information flow on the network.

On the biomedical front, they explore system design for emerging and hybrid medical imaging modalities, apply advanced electrical/electromagnetic interface solutions to bio-sensing applications, and investigate new technologies for wireless implants.

In the sensors area, they focus on architectural solutions that enable radically-miniaturized sensors. Other topics include power delivery, energy storage, ultra-low power circuit design, asymmetric communication systems, and antenna interfaces.