Bio-X Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2011
Home Department: Bioengineering
Faculty Advisor: Michael Lin (Pediatrics)

Research Description: Controlling protein activity with light has long been a goal of scientists and engineers seeking to study protein interaction networks and develop novel medical therapeutics. Light-responsive proteins have been engineered for specific applications; however, a broadly applicable platform using light to study protein function in general is still needed. The aim of Austin's research is to construct and characterize such a platform using fluorescent proteins, which absorb and emit light. Currently, the project consists of optimizing a light-control system for a specific set of proteins involved with cell movement. The eventual goal is to apply this platform to control many proteins with a variety of functions.


Austin is a Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development with ResMed in San Diego, CA. He serves as the strategy lead for the Sleep and Respiratory Care business unit. He was previously a Principal with the health care practice of the Boston Consulting Group.