Bio-X SIGF Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2014
Home Department: Computer Science
Faculty Advisors: Surya Ganguli (Applied Physics) and Thomas Clandinin (Neurobiology)

Research Title: Computational tools for large-scale calcium imaging of neural systems

Research Description: How computations emerge from the dynamical interactions of neurons photo of Ben Poole in the laboratoryembedded within a complex neural circuit remains one of the most striking conundrums in modern neuroscience. To address this question, it is essential to measure and understand the simultaneous activity of individual neurons across entire circuits. Ben is working on developing techniques to extract and interpret the activity of neurons from calcium imaging of dense neural circuits, and applying these techniques to identify the canonical algorithm underlying motion computation in the fly visual system. These computational tools will extend the applicability and interpretive power of calcium imaging to diverse neural systems.


Benjamin is a staff research scientist at Google DeepMind.