Bio-X Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2008
Home Department: Applied Physics
Faculty Advisors: Mark Schnitzer (Biology, Applied Physics) and Karl Deisseroth (Bioengineering, Psychiatry)

Research Title: Motor Learning in the Cerebellum

Research Description: In order to crack the neural code, we require new tools for probing neural circuitry in vivo. Brian developed a framework that quantifies the performance of our fluorescence microscopes monitoring calcium or voltage activity in cells. These metrics directly relate the physical properties of an experiment – kinetics of the optical indicator and the relative fluxes of signal and background photons – to spike detection and timing performance. The Schnitzer lab employed this framework for fluorescent probe and microscope design, the latter of which Brian was directly involved with. These projects drew on his background in physics, optics, applied math, and computer science.


Brian is a staff software engineer at Waymo.