Bio-X SIGF Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2019
Home Department: Neurosciences
Faculty Advisors: Anthony Wagner (Psychology), Lisa Giocomo (Neurobiology), and Jay McClelland (Psychology)

Research Title: An Integrated Approach to Investigating Dynamic Memory Processes in Goal-Directed Behavior

Research Description: As we learn, dynamic memory processes integrate new experiences into existing memory representations to build structured knowledge about the world. The emergence of structured knowledge is crucial for planning andPhoto of graduate student Corey Fernandez in a dry lab, working on a computer showing several brain scans. decision-making, but poor insight into these processes has limited our understanding of memory-guided behavior. Here, Corey proposes a comprehensive research program that leverages computational approaches and experimental data from human and rodent studies, which enables novel investigations into the neurobiological mechanisms underlying experience-driven changes in memory representations. A mechanistic understanding of these dynamic processes will provide insight into foundational cognitive questions, and advance efforts to optimize human and machine learning.


Corey is an assistant professor of psychology at Nevada State University.