Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Camarillo's laboratory is currently instrumenting Stanford athletes with inertial sensors to investigate the mechanism of concussion. They are also characterizing the response of head-blows through imaging, blood, and other neurophysiological measurements. Understanding the mechanism of concussion will allow for change of rules, technique, or the development of preventive equipment and diagnostics to reduce brain injuries. Additionally, the lab is researching cell mechanics for regenerative medicine. They are developing a quantitative, noninvasive and early (day 1) measure of viability in order to allow clinicians to transfer the single most viable embryo, reducing the incidence of multiple gestations while preserving the pregnancy and birth rate of IVF. Another area of research is in medical instrumentation as it pertains to robotic catheterization for curing cardiac arrhythmia. They aim to improve the usability and improve the safety of the process of cardiac catheter ablation through robotic control. They are currently investigating new control methods, medical image guidance, and automation for robotic catheter procedures.