Headshot portrait of Edith Arnold - Bio-X Bowes Fellow
Bio-X Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2006
Home Department: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Advisors: Scott Delp (Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering) and Garry Gold (Radiology)

Research Title: Computer Modeling Of Human Lower Limb Muscles: How Muscle Fiber Lengths And Velocities Affect Muscle Force Generation During Walking And Running

Research Description: Muscles turn our thoughts into actions. We speak, reach, grasp, and walk because our muscles interpret signals from our brains to produce coordinated forces. Since these forces cannot be measured directly, musculoskeletal models that predict them are powerful resources for basic research and clinical applications. Edith aimed to build a model of the lower limbs that uses measurements of muscle structure to give accurate predictions of force. This project was intended to unite muscle physiology, computational modeling, and scientific communication to answer questions about the role of muscle structure in walking; develop models that address variation due to age, sex, and strength; and share these models with the research community.


Edith is working at Apple Inc. as a Senior Engineering Manager leading a biomechanics research team for product design.