Headshot portrait of Eleanor Frost - Bio-X Undergraduate Fellow
2017 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant

Home Department: undeclared
Supported by: Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Mentor: Michelle Monje, Neurology

Eleanor is working in Dr. Michelle Monje’s lab to investigate the effects of epileptic seizures on cognition. Epilepsy patients often show cognitive impairment, but the mechanisms are not well understood. Eleanor is investigating seizure-induced nerve damage in an epileptic rat model and exploring if optogenetically-induced seizures decrease myelin plasticity.

Poster presented at the Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Symposium on August 24, 2017:

Impact of Recurrent Seizures on Myelin Plasticity in a Rat Model of Absence Epilepsy

Eleanor Frost1, Juliet Knowles1, Michelle Monje1
[Department of Neurology & Neurological Sciences1, Stanford University]