Bio-X Postdoctoral Fellow

Awarded in 2007
Home Department: Psychiatry
Faculty Advisors: Vinod Menon (Psychiatry, Neurosciences) and Brian Wandell (Psychology)

Research Description: Elena was interested in connectivity aspects of brain organization. She developed data mining algorithms for analysis and modeling of in vivo human brain imaging data to understand how different brain areas interact as part of a large-scale network. Her lab worked with the Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Lab and the Vision, Imaging Science and Technology Activities Lab. To capture the structural back bone of brain networks, they used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), while functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was used to infer activity synchronization and information flow among the key network nodes (at rest or when performing a task). She was particularly fascinated with the changes in structural and functional aspects of brain network connectivity due to brain development and aging.


Elena is a decision science manager at Meta leading marketing analytics solutions team.