2023 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant

Home Department: undeclared
Mentor: Paul J. Wang (Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine)

“Bench-Top Heart Model for Ex Vivo Testing Surgery Approaches and New Catheter Technologies”

A benchtop heart model that mimics human heart tissue properties and pressure can be used to practice catheter ablation and visualize sharp curvatures around the pulmonary veins to improve the success rate of catheter ablation. Grace’s project consists of (a) helping to create the heart model using a hybrid approach of 3D printing and silicone molding, (b) researching the models and material properties available that can mimic human tissue by performing tensile testing with an Instron machine and thickness and friction testing using sensors, (c) analyzing how the model and ablation instruments interact, and (d) pressurizing the model while monitoring with sensors.