2010 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant

Home Department: Bioengineering
Supported by: Dr. Richard and Linda Kelley
Mentor: Theo Palmer, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery

Sunny Kim is a rising junior majoring in bioengineering. Sunny is currently involved in research at the Theo Palmer lab of neurosurgery. Her project draws from a cross disciplinary collaboration in stem cell biology and immunology and uses genetic models in mice to study the role of innate immune signaling in the outcome of neural stem cell transplantation. Specifically, the project consists of determining if toll-like receptor (TLR) expression on cells within the hippocampus of wild type mice changes following neural progenitor cell (NPC) transplantation of syngeneic or allogeneic NPCs.

Poster presented at the Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Symposium on August 25, 2010:

The Role of Toll-Like Receptors in Neurogenesis and Neural Progenitor Cell Allotransplantation

Jeesun Kim, Lori K. Phillips, Theo Palmer
[Bioengineering, Medicine, Neurosurgery; Stanford University]