Headshot portrait of Jeffrey Feinstein - Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology)
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Feinstein's research interests include (1) computer simulation and modeling of cardiovascular physiology with specific attention paid to congenital heart disease and its treatment, and (2) the evaluation and treatment of pulmonary hypertension/pulmonary vascular disease and structural abnormalities of the pulmonary arteries as seen, for example, in Alagille Syndrome.

In the area of computational modeling, projects are underway in three areas:

  1. Examination of alterations in blood flow and vessel mechanics caused by coarctation (narrowing) of the aorta and the use of computational modeling to compare surgical and transcatheter methods of treatment
  2. Creation of a computational model of the entire pulmonary vascular tree and computational modeling of various disease states including pulmonary artery stenosis and pulmonary hypertension as a disease stratification tool and better predict responses to therapy
  3. The use of computational modeling to examine flow characteristics and energy efficiency at rest and varying degrees of exercise in patients who have undergone total cavopulmonary connection.