Headshot photo of Dr. Johannes Eichstaedt, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Stanford University
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Johannes Eichstaedt applies Natural Language Processing and machine learning to social media data to study and measure the psychological states of large populations. His primary focus is the measurement of societal well-being and mental health.

Dr. Eichstaedt uses Facebook and Twitter to measure the psychological states of large populations and individuals, to determine the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that drive illness, depression or support well-being. AI-based methods allow us to better understand these psychological phenomena, as well as measure their expression unobtrusively and at scale for large populations.  This is especially relevant for the measurement of subjective well-being for populations around the world - in places where no traditional measures are available with sufficient spatial and temporal resolution for public policy.  A key emphasis is on using these data and algorithms for good, to benefit well-being and health (and not sales).