Bio-X Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2005
Home Department: Materials Science & Engineering
Faculty Advisors: Nicholas Melosh (Materials Science & Engineering) and Michael Longaker (Surgery)

Research Title: Interrogating, manipulating, and controlling nano-bio interfaces

Research Description: Jules developed a variety of platforms for mimicking cell-cell signaling. Controlling the cell signaling environment is important in cell research because many cell functions are determined by signals from neighboring cells. Jules developed semiconductor-based arrays of fluid filled nano-reservoirs that mimic sub-cellular signaling through electrochemically gated release. This device allowed for unprecedented control over the local cellular soluble signal environment. He also developed novel microfluidic systems for multicellular signaling. These systems uniquely combined active chemical control and diffusive delivery. Topped with an innovative "nano straw" interface, direct access to the cell cytosol was also achieved with these systems.


Jules works at Meso Scale Diagnostics as a Senior Director of Engineering.