Headshot portrait of Karthik Vetrivel - Bio-X Undergraduate Fellow
2022 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant

Home Department: Undeclared
Mentor: Bianxiao Cui (Chemistry)

“Multifunctional Neural Interfaces”

The overarching goal is to build ultra-flexible, multifunctional neural probes that simultaneously express optical stimulation and electrical recording modalities to establish bidirectional brain-computer interfaces. The project consists of three parts. (1) Development of electronic hardware controllers and printed circuit board (PCB) connectors for flexible neural probes; the Cui lab will seek more efficient ways of powering and controlling individual light-emitting devices. Additionally, these electronics will be combined with standard electrophysiology recording systems, such as Intan. (2) Software development for data acquisition and activation of LEDs in combination with electrophysiology inputs. (3) Neural probe assembly and performance testing in neural cells. They will produce neural probes capable of both stimulating and receiving neuronal activity that will be highly useful in a wide range of future applications.