Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Goodson is the Robert Bosch Chair of the Stanford Mechanical Engineering Department. He is a heat transfer specialist with interests ranging from electronics cooling to vehicle waste heat recovery.  Goodson brings fundamental science to applications in heat management and energy conversion. His lab pioneered phonon free path measurements using silicon nanolayers and has highly-cited papers on diamond, carbon nanotubes, phase change memory, and two-phase microfluidics. He co-founded Cooligy, which developed heat sinks for the Apple G5 and was acquired by Emerson in 2006.

The NanoHeat Lab studies heat transfer in electronic nanostructures and packaging, microfluidic heat sinks, and thermoelectric and photonic energy conversion devices. Their focus is on fundamental transport phenomena including heat conduction physics and two phase convection. They interact extensively with semiconductor and energy companies.

Current projects include thermoelectric waste heat recovery for vehicles, self-powered sensor networks, and smart buildings. They also study electron and phonon conduction and energy conversion mechanisms in nanostructures including nanolayers and composites. They develop advanced thermal management strategies for the latest computers, tablets, and smart phones. Finally, they have several research initiatives that take high performance heat exchangers to their limits (beyond 50kW/cm2!) through novel phase separation strategies and 3D fluid routing.