Bio-X SIGF Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2015
Home Department: Biology
Faculty Advisors: James Nelson (Biology, Molecular & Cellular Physiology), Beth Pruitt (Mechanical Engineering), William Weis (Structural Biology, Molecular & Cellular Physiology, Photon Science), and Alex Dunn (Chemical Engineering)

Research Title: E-Cadherin and LGN align epithelial cell divisions with tissue tension independently of cell shape

Research Description: During tissue and organ development, cells experience changes in their mechanical environment. Cells can sense and respond to these changes through cell-cell junctions, and defects in these molecular complexes lead to developmental defects and or cancer. Kevin is collaborating with mechanical engineers to study changes of the cell-cell junctions due to mechanical force and the underlying sensing mechanisms.


Kevin is a biomarker scientist at IGM Biosciences.