Headshot portrait of Linda M. Dairiki Shortliffe - Stanley McCormick Memorial Professor and Professor of Urology
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Shortliffe's laboratory group studies the interaction between urinary tract pressures and renal tubular and glomerular changes have not been well outlined. Their group has been interested in trying to define risk factors that may be involved in urinary tract obstruction, vesicoureteral reflux, and infectious uropathies. They have examined the effects of sex hormones on urinary tract function to better understand their involvement in renal and urinary tract function. They are applying the results of these findings to identify factors that could be markers of renal dysfunction using animal models and imaging parameters. Current work includes:

  1. Risk factors to urinary tract and renal function during pregnancy
  2. Quantitative imaging parameters and renal function (ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging)
  3. Examination of sex hormones and effect on urinary tract development
  4. Hypnosis during urinary tract evaluation (with Dr. David Spiegel)
  5. Complications of pregnancy in an animal model (with Dr. Phil Tsao)