Headshot portrait of Mark D. Longo - Morgridge Family SIGF Fellow
Bio-X SIGF Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2011
Home Department: Biology
Faculty Advisors: Ward Watt (Biology) and Jay McClelland (Psychology)

Research Title: Exploring the complexity of pathway-level evolution

Research Description: In the course of Mark’s research in evolutionary genetics, he has noticed striking parallels between certain aspects of the cognitive and biological sciences. He intends to explore these similarities further in pursuit of a complex adaptive systems conception of genetics. This work will yield a book-length manuscript with the working title The Genetic Mind: Genes as Learning Networks. At issue is the very way we think of evolution and what exactly it means for genes to be “for” things.


Mark is the Chief Technology Officer at Sirona Medical, where he is helping to build a next generation AI-powered radiologist workstation.