Photo of smiling white male faculty member, Dr. Matthias Kling, Professor of Photon Science Directorate at SLAC and Stanford University.
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Matthias Kling is a professor in Photon Science and Applied Physics and the Director of the Science, Research and Development division at LCLS at SLAC. This division also hosts a Biosciences Department with a focus on ultrafast X-ray imaging and spectroscopy.

Dr. Kling's research focuses on field-resolved nanospectroscopy, exploring correlated and collective charge dynamics and energy transfer in ultrashort laser fields. Ultrashort flashes of light spanning from the X-ray to the THz region are employed to record movies of the dynamics on its natural timescales. Its control in nanoscale and quantum materials by tailored light fields offers a route towards petahertz electronics, surpassing conventional electronics by many orders of magnitude.