Headshot portrait of Minhyuk Sung - Bio-X Travel Awardee
Awarded in 2019

Home Department: Computer Science
Faculty Advisor: Leonidas Guibas
Talk Title: Structure-aware learning for 3D data
Event: Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH) 2019

Awarded in 2018

Talk Title: Learning Fuzzy Set Representations of Partial Shapes on Dual Embedding Spaces
Event: Eurographics Symposium in Geometry Processing 2018

Awarded in 2017

Talk Title: ComplementMe: Weakly-Supervised Component Suggestions for 3D Modeling
Event: SIGGRAPH Asia 2017

Awarded in 2015

Talk Title: Data-Driven Structural Priors for Shape Completion
Event: SIGGRAPH Asia 2015