Photo of Dr. Nicholas Haber,  Assistant Professor of Education at Stanford University
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Nicholas Haber uses AI models of of exploratory and social learning in order to better understand early human learning and development, and conversely, he uses our understanding of early human learning to make robust AI models that learn in exploratory and social ways. Based on this, Dr. Haber develops AI-powered learning tools for children, geared in particular towards the education of those with developmental issues such as the Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, in the mold of his work on the Autism Glass Project. Dr. Haber's formal graduate training in pure mathematics involved extending partial differential equation theory in cases involving the propagation of waves through complex media such as the space around a black hole. Since then, he has transitioned to the use of machine learning in developing both learning tools for children with developmental disorders and AI and cognitive models of learning.