Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Mallick's general hope is to apply systems biology's complimentary computational and experimental methods in hopes that experimental results motivate large-scale computational studies, which initiate new experimental explorations. His laboratory hope this synergistic combination will provide insight into the relationship between molecular phenomena and organismic phenomena.

The Mallick lab focuses on using tightly integrated computational and experimental approaches to uncover the processes underlying how cells behave (or misbehave) and accordingly how cancers develop and grow.  They hope that by exploring these processes, and by formalizing our knowledge in predictive mathematical models that we will be able to better identify biomarkers that can be used to detect cancers earlier and describe how they are likely to behave (e.g. aggressive vs indolent).  More specifically, they are working in three focus areas: Cancer Systems Biology, Multi-scale Biomarker Biology and Technology Development.  Notably, many of the studies in our group are investigating fundamental physiological processes and thus are generally applicable to a range of cell-types and diseases.