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Patricia Ortiz-Tello Suma - Bio-X Bowes and Amgen Fellow

Bio-X Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2011
Home Department: Genetics
Faculty Advisors: Carlos D. Bustamante (Genetics) and Julie Baker (Genetics)

Research Title: Genetic basis of preeclampsia in populations adapted to high altitude

Research Description: Preeclampsia, a disorder that complicates 3-8% of pregnancies worldwide and jeopardizes the life of the mother and newborn, occurs at 2-3 fold higher prevalence at higher altitudes – most likely due to the hypoxic environment. Interestingly, the higher prevalence of preeclampsia observed at high altitudes is linked to those individuals with higher European ancestry, leading us to believe that the Amerindian population living at high altitude for over 10,000 years have developed a genetic adaptation protective against preeclampsia. We aim to use whole-genome DNA analysis, local functional expression, and clinical and histopathology data to disentangle the genetic basis of preeclampsia.


Patricia is the CA Reproductive Health Equity Project Specialist at Health Connected, a non-profit that teaches age appropriate and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and is concurrently pursuing a master of arts in secondary education from the Teacher Residents program at Columbia Teachers College in biology and special education.