Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Jackson’s lab uses proteomics and advanced imaging techniques to study fundamental mechanisms of cell biology.  He has made a broad set of discoveries related to regulatory complexes and signaling in the cell cycle, cancer, signaling within the primary cilium and the link between cilia and human genetic diseases.  The work builds on a long line of contributions the lab has made to understanding critical enzymatic mechanisms controlling eukaryotic cell growth, how non-catalytic domains are used to target enzymes to their intracellular sites of action, and mechanisms involved in fertilization, development, vesicle trafficking, and cell cycle.  Current interest within cancer pathways is reexamining poorly understood and new tumor suppressors and a critical reevaluation of the Kras signaling pathway.  For primary cilia, the lab has found new G-protein coupled receptors important in specific ciliated tissues and is especially interested in the role of cilia in mesenchymal stem cells including preadipocytes.