Headshot photo of Dr. Raag Airan, Assistant Professor of Radiology at Stanford
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Raag Airan's goal is to develop and clinically implement new technologies for high-precision and noninvasive intervention upon the nervous system. Every few millimeters of the brain is functionally distinct, and different parts of the brain may have counteracting responses to therapy. To better match therapies to neuroscience, Dr. Airan's group develops techniques that allow intervention upon only the right part of the nervous system at the right time, using technologies like focused ultrasound and nanotechnology.

Dr. Airan's lab is centered on developing novel noninvasive techniques to precisely deliver drugs to the brain, to mediate more precise control of neural activity, in addition to other therapeutic effects. They are principally focused on techniques that have an immediate pathway for clinical translation. Currently, the Airan lab primarily uses focused ultrasound to enable these effects, given recent advances that allow them to place a sonication focus within most any brain region of interest, completely noninvasively, and with high spatial and temporal resolution.