Headshot portrait of Sangwook Park - Bio-X Travel Awardee
Awarded in 2019

Home Department: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Xiaolin Zheng
Talk Title: Tuning Physicochemical Properties of MoS2 by Mechanical Strain
Event: 2019 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

Awarded in 2018

Talk Titles: Electrochemical Generation of Sulfur Vacancies in the Basal Plane of MoS2 for Hydrogen Evolution, Enhancing Catalytic Activity of MoS2 Basal Plane S-Vacancy By Co Cluster Addition, and Fast Flame Annealed Porous CuFe2O4 for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production
Event: Americas International Meeting on Electrochemistry and Solid State Science (AiMES) 2018 Electrochemical Society (ECS) and Congreso de la Sociedad Mexicana de Electroquimica (SMEQ) Joint International Meeting