Bio-X Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2006
Home Department: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Advisors: Mark Cutkosky (Mechanical Engineering) and Scott Delp (Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering)

Research Title: Artificial Musculoskeletal Systems

Research Description: Sanjay researched the application of artificial muscles to robotics and prosthetics through a novel manufacturing method. Electric motors lack many of the dynamic characteristics of biological muscle, limiting their use in biomimetic devices. Electroactive polymer actuators are a promising alternative with muscle-like performance, light weight, low cost, and silent operation. He was developing methods for fabricating these actuators using shape deposition manufacturing, which allows customized geometries, heterogeneous materials, and embedded components.


Sanjay recently sold Skip, a company he co-founded that designs a network of lightweight electric vehicles. He is currently working on a new project.