Photo of smiling white male faculty member with short brown hair, Dr. Scott Fendorf, Professor of Earth System Science at Stanford University.
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Scott Fendorf's research interests include the chemical and biological processes that govern the fate and transport (and thus cycling) of contaminants (such as arsenic) and nutrients (such as phosphate) within soils, sediments, and surface waters. Dr. Fendorf's research group examines the chemical environments that develop as a result of both biotic and abiotic processes, and they strive to account for the physical complexity, inclusive of solute transport, within natural settings. Their particular emphasis is on reactions that change the oxidation state (redox reactions) and associated speciation of contaminants and nutrients, or solids that control their partitioning, within soils and sediments.

Dr. Fendorf teaches a range of courses on soils and soil processes that encompass their rates of development, unique features for plant growth, ability to filter contaminants, management for sustained agricultural productivity, and their sensitivity to human disturbance. He is also a co-instructor for a course on field research in Earth Systems.