Bio-X SIGF Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2009
Home Department: Chemical & Systems Biology
Faculty Advisors: James Chen (Chemical & Systems Biology) and Michael Longaker (Surgery)

Research Title: Chemical Tools to Investigate the Molecular Mechanisms of Tissue Regeneration

Research Description: Zebrafish have the unique ability to regenerate several of its tissues (heart, retina, spinal cord, and fins). Understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie the regeneration process should provide insights into how tissue regeneration is achieved and reveal strategies for their reactivation in humans. The goal of Shawn's project was to decipher the molecular and cellular events associated with larval tail regeneration. The lab had identified a number of genes that are upregulated in the posterior cells after the tail is amputated and were working to determine their roles in the regenerative process.


Shawn is a director of chemistry at the biotech company Kinnate Biopharma.