Headshot portrait of Sungwon Lim - Bio-X Bowes Fellow
Bio-X Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2011
Home Department: Bioengineering
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Cochran (Bioengineering)

Research Title: Development of protein-based therapeutics targeting c-Met overexpressing cancers

Research Description: Regenerating blood vessels (angiogenesis) has been a spotlighted research area for a long time because of its importance as a potential solution to treat chronic cardiovascular disease and other ischemia. Various approaches using genes, proteins, and cells have been made but have failed to induce sufficient amounts of blood vessel formation in clinical studies. Sungwon’s project develops molecular therapeutics and delivery systems to achieve a synergistic combination of the different approaches that maximize therapeutic effects for ischemic diseases. Genes and proteins inducing angiogenesis can be engineered and delivered safely and efficiently to the ischemic region with the help of a novel delivery system.


Sungwon is the Founder and CEO of ImpriMed, Inc., a start-up that develops an AI-driven precision medicine service for pets with cancer.