Headshot portrait of Thai Nguyen - Bio-X Undergraduate Fellow
2014 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant

Home Department: Bioengineering
Supported by: The Rose Hills Foundation and Bio-X
Mentor: Jeffrey Glenn, Medicine (Gastroenterology & Hepatology) and Microbiology & Immunology

Thai is investigating how viruses can modulate receptor CD47 to evade host immune defense, by determining mutations in the viral genome that can trigger up-regulation of the receptor.

Poster presented at the Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Symposium on August 27, 2014:

An Investigation of the Role of CD47 in HCV Infection

Edward Pham1, Benjamin Fram1, Thai Nguyen2, Jeffrey S. Glenn1
[Departments of Medicine1 and Bioengineering2, Stanford University]