Photo of Dr. Tirin Moore, Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford University.
Clark Center Faculty, Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Tirin Moore's laboratory studies neural mechanisms of visual-motor integration and the neurophysiological basis of cognition (e.g. visual attention, visual awareness, and working memory). This research involves the study of the activity of single neurons in visual and motor structures within the primate brain and tests of how perturbing that activity affects neurons in other brain structures as well as how it affects the perceptual and motor performance of behaving animals. The Moore laboratory is also driven to develop more powerful and more causal approaches to systems-level neurobiology.

Questions currently addressed by Dr. Moore's lab include:

  • How are the signals conveyed by visual cortical neurons used to guide eye movements?
  • How does oculomotor feedback affect processing in visual cortex?
  • What is the impact of planned movements on visual perception?
  • What are the neural circuits and neural computations that control selective attention?

The group is also driven to develop more powerful approaches to systems-level neurobiological questions.