Bio-X SIGF Graduate Student Fellow

Awarded in 2016
Home Department: Cancer Biology
Faculty Advisors: Jennifer Cochran (Bioengineering), Edward Graves (Radiation Oncology), Edgar Engleman (Pathology, Medicine - Immunology and Rheumatology), and Amato Giaccia (Radiation Oncology)

Research Title: Combining an engineered tumor-targeting fusion protein with immune checkpoint blockade in the treatment of cancer

Research Description: Cancer is a disease of over-proliferating cells, and it claims the lives of millions every year. The Cochran lab has developed a molecule that labels cancer cells but not healthy tissue and can recruit the immune system to destroy a tumor. In collaboration with the immunology and radiation oncology departments, Amanda is testing the effect of combining this tumor-targeted molecule with standards of care including radiation and chemotherapy. With this work, Amanda hopes to expand treatment options, increase survival, and improve quality of life for cancer patients by reducing the amount of chemotherapy or radiation necessary to elicit tumor reduction.


Amanda is a scientist in the Bay Area, currently exploring employment opportunities in local BioTech and start-up industries.