Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Hardan's current research is in:

  • The neurobiology of autism
  • Neuroimaging in individuals with autism
  • Psychopharmacological treatment of children and adults with autism and/or developmental disorders

Dr. Hardan’s research expertise is in the neurobiology of autism and in the development of innovative treatment. He served as a principal investigator on numerous projects examining the neurobiology of autism and assessing the effectiveness of a wide range of interventions. He is the recipient of an R01 (MH083972) “A Neuroimaging Study of Twin Pairs with Autism” and a pilot grant from Autism Speaks examining the effectiveness of pivotal response group treatment for parents of young children with autism. He has completed several investigations aimed toward increasing our understanding of the pathophysiology of pervasive developmental disorders while applying multimodal imaging techniques. Dr. Hardan has also led several clinical trials examining the effectiveness of novel interventions such as N-acetylcysteine and pivotal response group training in children with autism.