Headshot photo of Dr. Axel Brunger Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, of Neurology, and of Photon Science at Stanford University
Seed Grant Committee Member, Bio-X Affiliated Faculty, Clark Center Faculty

Dr. Axel Brunger's laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms of neurotransmitter release, and how these mechanisms relate to physiological function.

Nerve cells communicate by releasing the contents of neurotransmitter-bearing synaptic vesicles into the space between adjoining cells. This process depends on a handful of proteins that promote vesicle and nerve cell membrane fusion. The Brunger lab team uses structural and biophysical tools to capture this machinery at different stages of vesicle fusion. These structures (Figure 1) then provide the framework for further investigations, using microscopy and live neurons, into the functional and dynamic aspects of the system.

The Brunger team is also using structural and functional studies to explore other machinery relevant to neurotransmitter release, such as factors involved in priming and pre-synaptic plasticity. Their research may one day provide new possibilities for targeting therapeutics to control neurotransmitter release.