Headshot portrait of Bhavenkumar Patel - Bio-X Undergraduate Fellow
2014 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Participant

Home Department: Biology
Supported by: Dean of Research
Mentor: Rajat Rohatgi, Medicine (Oncology) and Biochemistry

Bhaven is developing a bioinformatic pipeline to map insertions of retroviral mutagens in an unbiased and genome-wide manner in human cells. These techniques can be applied to analyzing data from genome-wide screens using insertional mutagenesis and also to map insertion sites of pathogenic viruses in tissues.

Poster presented at the Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Symposium on August 27, 2014:

Statistical and Bioinformatic Analysis of Retroviral Insertions in Human Cells

Bhaven Patel1, Andres Lebensohn1, Jan Carette2, Rajat Rohatgi1, Julia Salzman3
[Departments of Medicine1, Microbiology & Immunology2, and Biochemistry3, Stanford University]