Headshot photo of Dr. Hanlee Ji, Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

To improve the lives of individuals with cancer, Dr. Ji's research group has embarked on a research initiative to use cutting edge genetics and technology to interrogate the fundamental genetic "digital" code responsible for cancer development and overall clinical behavior.

Dr. Ji's lab members are pursuing projects focused on personalized medicine. Specifically, they are interested in using genetic and genomic approaches in oncology to improve targeted cancer therapy development, make accurate prognosis, prediction of cancer therapy efficacy and identify clinically relevant cancer mutations. These projects are aimed towards establishing the paradigm for individualized medicine, facilitate the introduction of these approaches into validation clinical studies and thus develop the next generation of cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Their research program is specifically focused on:

  1. Discovery and validation of genetic signatures portending prognosis and therapeutic drug targets for individuals with cancer
  2. Development of novel approaches for analyzing cancer genomes and identifying personalized therapeutic targets
  3. Determining inherited pathogenic mutations that increase the risk of developing gastrointestinal malignancies
  4. The genetic analysis of complete cancer genome sequences derived from inherited cancer
  5. Technology development on novel genetic diagnostic methods to help individuals with cancer