Scientific Leadership Council Member & Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Greely's current interests in neuroscience involve the consequences of advances in neurosciences for:

  1. predicting future diseases or traits;
  2. reading minds to allow detection of subjective mental states such as pain, recognition, bias, or memory;
  3. "treating" non-disease traits;
  4. cognitive enhancement;
  5. detecting consciousness and handling issues around disorders of consciousness; and
  6. issues of responsibility.

His current interests in human genetics focus on:

  1. prenatal genetic diagnosis,
  2. the effects of widespread adoption of clinical whole genome sequencing, and
  3. ethical, legal, and social issues in genomic biobanks.

In stem cell research, he is currently interested in:

  1. legal challenges to stem cell research and
  2. issues around human/non-human chimeras.