Outdoor headshot photo of a smiling white male faculty member, Dr. Justin Annes, Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University.
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty, Seed Grant Committee Member

As a physician scientist trained in clinical genetics, Dr. Justin Annes has developed expertise in hereditary endocrine disorders and devoted his efforts to treating families affected by the hPGL syndrome. By leveraging laboratory expertise in the hPGL syndrome, the Annes Laboratory's care for individuals who have inherited the hPGL syndrome is at the forefront of medicine. Their goal is to translate their laboratory discoveries to the treatment of affected families.

Dr. Justin Annes specializes in the treatment of hereditary endocrine disorders with particular focus on neuroendocrine-related conditions.

He developed the Stanford Endocrine Genetics Clinic in 2012 which is part of the interdisciplinary Stanford Hypertension Center and Stanford Neuroendocrine Tumor Program.

He has medical practice has focused on hereditary endocrine disease since 2008.