Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Gephart's lab focuses on translational neuro-oncology research, combining basic neuroscience, genetics, and tumor biology, with an unique insight into the pressing clinical questions facing patients with brain tumors. As a practicing neurosurgeon serving brain tumor patients in her clinic and operating room, Dr. Gephart's lab is uniquely positioned to be shaped by the clinical needs of patients. They focus on understanding the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms driving tumorigenesis in the central nervous system. Ultimately these insights will identify novel drug targets and improve diagnostic capacity. Their investigations into tumor cell biology, developmental neuroscience, cell signal transduction, and translational preliminary studies of novel therapeutics each feedback into and exponentially advance the field of neuro-oncology. Their discoveries in the lab develop hypotheses about novel treatments, and working with patients and primary samples forms projects for the lab regarding tumor cell biology and normal neurodevelopment.