Outdoor headshot photo of a smiling male Asian faculty member, Dr. Wing Wong, Professor of Statistics at Stanford University.
Clark Center Faculty, Clark Center Working Group Member, Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Wing Wong a professor at Stanford University with joint appointments in the Department of Statistics and the Department of Biomedical Data Science. Dr. Wong's current research interests are Bayesian Statistics, Computational Biology and Precision Medicine.

The current emphasis of the Wong lab includes gene regulatory analysis and analysis of high throughput genomics data. These areas require new methods in statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and computation. Past contributions to mainstream statistics and bioinformatics include the use of Monte Carlo algorithms in Bayesian computation, asymptotic inference in high or infinite dimensional problems, and bioinformatics tools for the analysis microarray data and sequencing data. Recently the Wong lab has made a major effort to analyze gene regulatory networks based on integrative modeling of multiple types of genomics data from diverse cell types and from single cells. They are also interested in the analysis of electronic medical records.