Headshot portrait of Lei Xing - Jacob Haimson Professor of Radiation Oncology (Radiation Physics) and Professor (by courtesy) of Electrical Engineering
Bio-X Affiliated Faculty

The Xing lab's vision is to be a premier laboratory of medical imaging, physics and engineering in the world committed to excellence and innovation in both scientific research and technical development. They are embarking a systematic research on various important issues in radiation oncology and image-guided interventions by combining our strengths in imaging, physical sciences, engineering, biology and medicine. Their current research is focused on:

  • Development and clinical integration of novel medical imaging devices and image reconstruction techniques
  • Image processing and patient modeling
  • Real-time image guided and adaptive radiation therapy
  • Nanotechnology and its applications in imaging and therapeutics
  • Biological imaging for radiation biology and clinical applications
  • Treatment planning and dose optimization for modern radiation therapy
  • Radiobiology modeling and biologically conformal radiation therapy